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ICT Statistics Information Center

KAIT Statistics Information Center conducts annual and monthly statistical research and prepares reports on ICT sectors to promote ICT convergence policy through producing useful national statistics and analysis on ICT trend.
 Survey on the ICT Industry
 ICT Trend Survey& Analysis
 Korea ICT Statistics Approved 4 type
  1. Yearbook of Broadcasting and Communications Industry Statistics
2. Monthly Survey of Broadcasting and Communications Industry Statistics
3. ICT Industry employment Trend Report
4. ICT Industry BSI(Business Survey Index)

KAIT Statistics Information Center is also very active in developing and providing:
 Research on ICT Statistical Indicators & Indices
 Analysis on International ICT Indices
 Research on ICT policies


Korea IT Human Resource Development Center

Certification Programs to Ensure Qualified Technical Personnel for ICT Industry.
The goal is to solve problems of professional labor force shortages in Broadcasting & Telecommunication Industry.

Also, it is to cultivate and educate qualified technicians to meet the practical demand from the market place.

Objective assessments have been implemented and guidelines for human resource development have been provided.

 The cultivation and education of technicians :

National Human Resources Development Consortium
It is to cultivate customized human resources for employee performance improvement. Also, it is to reduce unemployment rates in smaller business industries, as well as focusing on theoretical and practical demand in the communication field.

Development of National Skill Standards
It is to solve problems of quality and quantity imbalance between industrial supply and demand. Also, guidelines for professional training education and assessment criteria are being developed.

On The Job Training Academy Support Program
Business Enterprises are funded to set up an On-The-Job Training Academy for prospective University/College

graduates and seniors to teach and train them in essential skills in respective business areas. At the end of the

training period, qualified trainees will be given employment opportunities by Business Enterprises.

Mobile IT Professional Education Program
Education and training programs for IT professionals in the wireless internet and smart mobile fields to handle and meet the challenges of emerging technologies.

Korea Communications Commission Public-Official Education Program
Customized education programs are offered to employees at the Korea Communications Commission to improve and optimize job performances.



Ultra High Speed Internet IT Building Certification Center

The Center will measure and certify the level of Ultra High Speed Internet Network Access of commercial buildings and residential areas to promote upgrade of networks to ensure optimized infrastructures for future converged multimedia services offered by industry.



Broadcasting & Telecommunication Service User Protection Authority

Based on the demands of the Broadcasting & Telecommunication service users, KAIT is hard at work to improve the service user environment by sorting out the inconveniences that hinder users from receiving just benefits. Also, it provides training programs and information for the user protection. Moreover, it provides information on the trend analysis of the mobile phones and internet service markets to further contribute to the user benefits and interests.

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