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Welcome to KAIT!


Amid the rising popularity of smart devices, ICT is leading convergence in overall industries including transportation, education and medical sectors.


ICT has transformed the industrial paradigm, created new business opportunities and markets and injected new life into the global economy.


Based on the development of ICT in Korea, KAIT will be committed to creating new added value under the creative economy and to creating an environment where the nation’s economy grows in full bloom.



KAIT, together with its members, will keep up with new issues arising in the rapidly changing ICT convergence sector and identify future ICT convergence services. This will provide an opportunity for KAIT to support the Korean government in building network for creative economy and to lead the ICT industry development.


Moreover, KAIT will contribute to create an ecosystem under which ‘Contents, Platform, Network and Device’ are interlinked. In addition, KAIT will make best efforts to make every citizen enjoy communication and broadcasting services with convenient by supporting the government policies and creating sound and desirable culture in using ICT services.


Lastly, KAIT will endeavor to strengthen its internal and external capacities so that KAIT can fulfill its pivotal roles and functions in the ICT sectors.


Thank you.


President of KAIT

Jung Ho, Park

LOGO No. 1678-2, the 2nd floor of Donga Villat 2Town, Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea
E-mail : webmaster@kait.or.kr